Freedom and Justice for political prisoners in Belarus!

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Regarding the situation of detained opposition activists in Belarus, Philipp Mißfelder MP, federal chairman of Junge Union, states:

“According to reports from international human rights organizations, the situation of detained political activists in Belarus is deteriorating further. Despite worldwide protests against the tyranny of the Belarusian judicial process, the government of Belarus is continuing its patronizing policies toward the opposition. The Junge Union emphatically calls on Alexander Lukashenko and his regime to let the rule of law and justice finally prevail and set the political prisoners free!

The situation of jailed dissident Zmitser Dashkevich – the spokesman of the Belarusian opposition youth movement “Youth Front“ - is just one of many the Junge Union can point to. In the wake of anti-government protests, Dashkevich was arrested in December 2010 and sentenced in May 2011 to two years of imprisonment. Now he is being threatened with an increased prison sentence under the pretext that he violated prison rules. Authorities are threatening to transfer Nikolai Statkevich, a rival to Lukashenko during the 2010 presidential election, to a special punishment cell because he refuses to sign a confession admitting wrongdoing, despite government pressure.

At the suggestion of the Junge Union, Dashkevich was awarded this year’s International Freedom Prize by the Young European People’s Party (YEPP). With this move the Junge Union underlines its explicit demands for freedom and justice for political prisoners and more movement toward democracy in Belarus!“

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