Romania has to maintain the rule of law!

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Regarding the forthcoming referendum in Romania on the impeachment of President Basescu, Junge Union’s federal chairman Philipp Mißfelder MP states:

„In light of the vote on 29th July in Romania on the future of President Traian Basescu, the Junge Union calls upon the socialist government of Victor Ponta not to circumvent the rule of law through emergency decrees, to take the concerns from Brussels seriously and to respect the laws of the state. The Government in Bucharest is also proposing, amongst other things, to relax the laws for the impeachment of a head of state.

Concerning the laws of a referendum it is promptly to be decided how the currently applicable law regarding a minimal voter turnout of at least 50% and as well as the length of the referendum must be defined. Therefore the interim President Crin Antonescu must let the bill recently voted on by the parliament pass into law. Germany rightfully expects that Romania, as a member of the European Union, conforms to the principles of a rule of law and a division of powers - reassurances that the Head of Government Ponta has recently made to the EU.

The youth of Romania are also called upon to fight for an adherence to the rule of law and to prevent that the Romanian parliament, with its recent behaviour, manages to cause long term damage to their own country. Instead of returning to old socialist behavioural patterns, Romania should aim for a future of transparency, a rule of law and sustainable economic development!"

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