Welcome to the JU!
Tilman Kuban, Chairman


We shape our policies for and with the young generation: We fight in favour of skating grounds at the local level as passionately as we forward our proposals in youth, education and economic policies on the federal level. Democracy can and should be learned. For this purpose we organise discussion forums and make offers in political education at all levels. With Paul Ziemiak the Junge Union has a federal chairman who is an authentic representative of the young generation. This contributes to graspable policy-making.


Every young person has its own goals and political ideas. We are the independent political youth organisation of CDU and CSU, the Christian Democratic party of Germany and its Christian Social partner in Bavaria. We offer a platform to introduce young ideas into these parties and to put them into practice. Young people want to and should take part in political discussions and decisions and to do their bit for their society and country.


Our fundamental principles are based on a Christian and humanistic conception of man. Our conviction of the inviolability of human dignity and our respect for individual freedom in responsibility for the individual and his community originate there. To us, these values are not hollow rhetoric, we live by them.


Our society is marked by globalisation and the existence and living together of different cultures in close neighbourhood. The Junge Union is committed to the rule of law, living democracy, the social and ecological market economy, the principal of social and generational justice and to safeguarding the environment. We aim to develop society according to those principles.


We see the German society as an inseparable part of the European community, which is more than just a customs and currency union. The people in Europe share the same values and principles and should strengthen their common European identity. It should be one of the most important goals to take care that human rights, the freedom of speech and press are respected in all European countries, no matter if they are members of the European Union or not. In this context we demand freedom and democracy for Belarus.


The Junge Union is present in all of Germany: In almost every community there are local and city associations. The Junge Union is organised in one federal, 18 regional and 480 district associations throughout Germany. The regional associations send their delegates to the Deutschlandtag, our annual national congress. Every two years it elects the federal board and the chairman. The Junge Union maintains a permanent federal office in Berlin. With about 120.000 members, the Junge Union is the largest political youth organisation in Europe.